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Online Webmaster Courses

Our Webmaster courses can be taken directly from us online at Webmaster Certification Online, moving at your own pace and working from the comfort of your own home. You will be assigned an instructor from our pool of certified Webmaster instructors to assist you as you move through the course materials. Our courses will prepare you for the certification exams and may put you on the road to a whole new career. We currently have nine (9) online courses, with more under development such as Photoshop, Homesite, and Cascading Style Sheets.

Online Courses:
* Mastering the Internet (WAW) (CWP)
* Beginning HTML/XHTML (WAW) (CWP)
* Advanced HTML/XHTML (WAW) (CWP)
* Cascading Style Sheets (WAW) (CWP)
* Web Design & Graphics (WCW) (CWP)
* Java Survival Skills (WCW) (CWP)
* E-Business (WCW) (CWP)
* E-Marketing (WCW) (CWP)
* ColdFusion (Elective)
* Intro to Flash (Elective)
* Paint Shop Pro 7.0 (Elective)
* HomeSite 5.0 (Elective)

If you are interested in enrolling in our courses, or wish to see more detailed descriptions of the courses, please visit, where you can become a member and register for our courses.

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