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Webmaster Training Partners
WebYoda Student Countries

It is exciting to see that we are able to reach students in so many parts of the world who otherwise may be without access to quality Webmaster training. The list below was generated November 7, 2000 and continues to grow everyday. We hope to add you to our list of satisfied Webmaster students Soon!

Countries Represented

1.Albania   16.Israel   31.Saint Lucia
2.Antigua & Barbuda  17.Italy   32.Saudi Arabia
3.Australia   18.Japan   33.South Africa
4.Bahamas   19.Kuwait   34.South Korea
5.Bangladesh   20.Lithuania   35.Sudan
6.Belgium   21.Malaysia   36.Switzerland
7.Bulgaria   22.Mexico   37.Tanzania
8.Cameroon   23.Netherlands  38.The Netherlands
9.Canada   24.New Zealand  39.Tobago
10.Germany   25.Nigeria   40.Trinidad
11.Guyana   26.Norway   41.United Arab Emirates
12.India   27.Pakistan   42.United Kingdom
13.Indonesia   28.Philippines  43.USA
14.Iran   29.Romania   44.Zimbabwe
15.Ireland   30.Russia   45.Your Country Here!

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