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Webmaster Training Partners
Online Webmaster Course Affiliate Program

Our Webmaster affiliate program is designed to pay you 5% for each student you send to Webmaster Certification Online who signs up and purchases courses online. For each course a new student purchases coming from a link on your Web site(s), you will get 5% of what they pay plus one affiliate point. Thus if a new student buys 6 courses at $720, you make 5% ($36) plus 6 affiliate points.

If you collect 25 affiliate points in any one month, you make a $100 US Bonus* for that month. If you collect 100 affiliate points in any one month, you make a $500 US Bonus* for that month.

This is a powerful way for you to generate revenue. Affiliates can easily generate over $75,000 US per year. Get your Affiliate status and start generating referrals and Super Affiliate commissions today!

Visit Webmaster Certification Online to learn more about our Affiliates Program.

* Note: WebYoda employees and contract employees are not eligible for the $100 or $500 Bonus payment.

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